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Posted by WarSyndicate - January 8th, 2011

Well, I'll make the initiative to be proactive here some day. Newgrounds feels more and more different each time I visit it. When I began using visiting Newgrounds (a few years before this account of course), Tom Fulp was like 24 and living in Atlanta for a short period, and I was like....in elementary school, getting my first few doses of psychological nudity from this website. I loved it, and I still love this website now. I'm simply amazed by how time flew by, how Tom's nightmare of growing old is coming to be, and how I spent 8 years using Flash, and only submitted one thing here to be blammed. I'll be back to do something.....sometime.

Posted by WarSyndicate - July 29th, 2009

For anyone who really cares, I'm about to get out of a long break from using Flash and actually work on stuff to submit here, as well as completely redesign my s. In the meantime, I experimented with audio programs to make quick tunes, mostly collabarations with cocomonkilla, (here's our group MySpace). I decided to upload one track here. Please, check it out.

Posted by WarSyndicate - April 13th, 2009

How many comments can be generated from a news post about nothing? Discuss?

Posted by WarSyndicate - December 1st, 2007

I haven't posted in a while....

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Posted by WarSyndicate - August 22nd, 2007

I was bored, then "Tarzan Boy" happened to pop in my head. I went on YouTube and looked it up, then I came across this. It's so funny because I recently saw The Zodiac on TV, and Baltimora looks like the Zodiac Killer. This is the laugh I needed all day.


Posted by WarSyndicate - July 27th, 2007

Saw Transformers
On the day "The Simpsons Movie" came out.........yes....I was planning a double movie night......I decided to see Transformers first at 7PM, thinking that 7 was peak hours at the movie theater. Little did I know, 9PM was worse and The Simpsons movie was sold out. I found the Transformers movie incredibly entertaining and it helped me understand more jokes in Blamformers (My Bad).
I honestly could not tell how much stuff in the movie differed from the original series and comics, on the count of I wasn't alive in its early days, and my only exposure would be action figures and the seemingly child-orientated modern Transformers series, so I cannot make any judgment on that. The movie had some Crazy Special Effects, I cannot imagine how expensive that is. The movie had so much humor in it that I could crack up for a few minutes even. Emotions slapped me in the face. I recommend watching this. Maybe next time, I'll put down The Simpsons.
WarSyndicate 4.0
I felt that when stuff on my site was very different than before I dubbed a new version for it. I will be very honest...... WarSyndicate 1.0, 2.0, even the current 3.0 are VERY mediocre and each missed an element that they required. Not to mention that they were all plain HTML. WarSyndicate 4.0 is not going to be part of the common web 2.0 phenomena, rather web 1.0 or web 1.5. I just want WS4 to be running on PHP, and be somewhat dynamic, with a user system. This was planned since WarSyndicate.net was first made.

For Newgrounds
I've been cooking up some interesting Flash projects with Bowb4me and Cocomonkilla, so look out for them

Posted by WarSyndicate - July 17th, 2007

It really encourages me to make and submit something here for once.