Entry #7


2011-01-08 02:14:00 by WarSyndicate

Well, I'll make the initiative to be proactive here some day. Newgrounds feels more and more different each time I visit it. When I began using visiting Newgrounds (a few years before this account of course), Tom Fulp was like 24 and living in Atlanta for a short period, and I was like....in elementary school, getting my first few doses of psychological nudity from this website. I loved it, and I still love this website now. I'm simply amazed by how time flew by, how Tom's nightmare of growing old is coming to be, and how I spent 8 years using Flash, and only submitted one thing here to be blammed. I'll be back to do something.....sometime.


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2011-09-05 16:24:08

lol 8 years for one blammed flash. That would be a good story for a flash.

WarSyndicate responds:

lol, it would