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Great but...

Fix your camera. If it just doesn't work, look it up on Ultimate Tutorial and copy the example file and use that one instead.
I'll decide to save this

Just wow

You know, people give a lot of credit to people like Adam Phillips and RTIL for best quality in animation, but in my opinion, it's all part of a trend that involves making the best "Flash." I look at your latest movies since Pico Day 2007, and I don't feel like I am watching a Flash movie anymore; I actually feel like I am watching an actual cartoon on Television. In the course of 3 years watching your movies, I've seen you go from the typical Flash artist to a truly great and gifted animator. Good job; I hope it lands you a good job in the near future.

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The-Swain responds:

Thanks for the encouragement, I wouldn't hope for a Flash job just yet, because the sooner I make a career out of this, the sooner I'll lose creative control over my work. I like making these little cartoons for free just now, while I'm still young enough to get away with it :D


His name was Mai-Tai or something, lmao. I loved Captain Planet, and I love this animation. Reminds me of Pale 04-05 a little in terms of animation and taste, WHICH is GOOD anyway, but I can see this was done a little fast. Great job though. 10

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just2pale responds:

Pale 04 and 05? ,,,, Yea this wasnt anything special just some fun.,,, more to come in a few days though... little better quality.


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Simply, this was a lot of fun. There wasn't a lot I had to learn and I played it for longer than I originally wanted to. Good job!

eanjo7 responds:


I played this probably a decade ago but anyway....still very fun to play! Simple and addicting, which is the way games should be. I also like the use of Johnny L. for game music. Still waiting on Pico 2 :P

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ok, good job

A lot of stupid people don't read the authors. I bet you got all of people excited, then a lot angry like most of these reviews. Good job on that. By making this review, people might just read it on my NG account and go to this a bit more. I congratulate you. I wonder how long the title 'Pico 2' is going to last before the real Pico 2 comes out?

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The "Bizarre Love Triangle" type tune really goes along with the talk-box. Something I'd want to listen to on BBC Radio 1. In regards to another review. I believe, that if it were not for the vocals, it'd probably be just repetitive, then you'd have to shorten the song. I like it a lot. Now, I'll go favorite this.

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merlin responds:

Thanks for reviewing this song! I'm really flattered you liked it. Thanks for the favorite, too! I wouldn't change this song lyrically or how its sung, or that it has a vocal track at all. Even though the vocals are always made last for me, I felt like these were more a part of the song, rather than something to go on top of it. And of corse, I'm a very metaphorecal person, too. I'm glad you saw the third person in there, subtly :).



I actually like this a little more than the original. It makes more of a dance impact, I guess. Good job.

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but in some spots, it reminds me of that sample song from FL Studio.....Overall, I really like it

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I need to get a lot of stuff done.

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